The Creative Gathering

A space to be completely you, to explore creativity and what it looks like for you and to imagine what’s possible for you when you allow yourself to dream.

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The Creative Gathering – HUDDLES

An intimate event based around conversation and dicussion. We all have a story to tell and an experience to share. Let’s gather together and discuss a variety of topics, learning from one another in a fun, forum-like setting.

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A variety of surprise creative workshops paired with mindset changing, value packed seminars to lead you into your most fun, best year yet!

Creativity takes courage, boldness and a stepping out into the unknown. We’re bringing you together for 10 incredible workshops collaborating with local creative experts that will empower you to step into your full creative potential and shine brighter than you thought possible.

It’s time to ditch the details and jump into exciting new possibilities!

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The Creative Gathering – CONFERENCE & EXPO

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Welcome to The Creative Gathering

A variety of regular events for like-minded creatives to come together and be inspired, empowered, equipped and realise their full potential.

Empowering guest speakers, creative workshops, a place to connect where there is always food & drink!

Leave the events with new ideas, a new found confidence, a new friend and a community that has your back!

See you at the next Gathering!

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